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WooWoo! Coming soon the first FREE ‘Surf n’ Sled’ Surf Gidget The Pug mobile app game with a message

I am so happy to help promote this game to help hooman's have fun & help keep our Environment safe for all of us animals & hooman's combined. As a surf dog I see so much waste on and in the ocean and on the beaches. My mommager and I try to do our best picking up plastic bags or bottles that may be left and not thrown in the trash. So much sea life has been affected by plastic being ingested and being caught on around on sea life found suffering or who have died & washed up on our beaches all around the world.

My hope is every time hooman's play my game it gives them a reminder that we are all so delicate in life. All of us living creatures must leave our world a healthier cleaner place for our younger generation or it won't be healthy for very long if we keep going on the road we've been on. I like a clean ocean & beach when I surf and it makes me sad to see trash on the beach. I hope if you play my game it reminds a hooman to pick up a plastic trash bag or plastic bottle next time you see one on the ground.

Please help the sea life, beaches, ocean, animals & environment clean so we can live healthy happy lives especially us 4 legged creatures, we're low to the ground :-)

A percentage of each sale of merchandise & my game always goes to pug rescue's, animals, hooman's & ocean/sea life conservation.

Have fun & enjoy the game

Surf Gidget The Pug

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